Saturday, August 30, 2008

after summerslam

A couple of pictures from the after the show ended as they were tearing it all down.
The people that had seats on the floor ringside got to keep their special painted chairs. We stayed and watched as guys tried to sneak down and walk off with ones that were left behind by some folks who didnt realize you could keep them. Well the security at the fieldhouse was smartly checking tickets to match people to seat numbers so no one got down there to get one that didnt pay for it. One guy waited until almost everyone was gone and still tried to claim since no one took it he should be able too. Didnt work. It was fun but I am glad I didnt buy the ppv..being there in person was a great show but watching at home probably saw a terrible show.


Yes I am wrestling fan and earlier this month, thanks to a really good friend I attended the 2008 edition of WWE SummerSlam. It was at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis this year. It was a tremendous live event, however my friend and I have discovered that we are no longer the demographic that the WWE is looking for in their audience. It was all geared to the kids (who LOVED the show) in the crowd. From the reaction of the kids all around us it was a success, however the in ring product for us old school types was waaay below par.
Here are a few pics of the event and yes we had GREAT seats.


Well its been almost a month again since I posted. Well I have a lot of good stuff to post now.
First let me say screw all you democrats I like the pick for John McCain's running mate. I now will actuall vote for him. I think Obama/OBinden will be a disaster for the country. Debate me all you want I am not backing down. I think OBiden is a good choice if you want to lose, they want CHANGE and a NEW DIRECTION...well lets pick a senator who has been inside the beltway for 30 years and wouldnt know change if it sat on his lap.
So there you have my political thoughs. Oh yeah Michael Moore is stupid bitch.
Stay tuned for more good stuff.

Friday, August 1, 2008

just found this

I really like this song and have for years...just found this video
Gerry Rafferty's "Bakerstreet"

sorry for the delay

well I went the rest of July with nothing. Well If you read the news today you could see all the depressing events. The killing of a bus passenger in Candada to a Louisana boy who got his arm bitten off by an alligator while swimming in a lake...where they knew alligators were! BRILLIANT!
anyway this doesnt do the movie justice...there is a better trailer out there but this was what I could find on a good search to find the other one, its worth it. Its the new movie with Toby Keith and Rodney Carrington called "Beer for My Horses"