Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I never knew existed #1

I saw this little clip on Mark Evanier's website
and it was hilarious. I had no idea there was such a dance becuse it apparently didnt cause a craze like the twist did in the 60s. So here it is....

Dont Blame me if you all want to get up and try it

Sunday, October 26, 2008


As you probably know from reading this or even knowing me, I love reading, talking and listening to the #1 songs off of Billboards Hot 100. Especially from the 1970s.
Well here are a couple of videos for 2 songs that everyone knows but will rarely admit they like:

#1 in 1979, it was the last song to top the charts in the 1970s: Rupert Holmes "Escape" better known as "The Pina Colada song":

And this one was #1 in January 1974,"Baby Come Back" by Player. It broke up the monopoly the Bee Gees had at that moment. It sandwiched 2 weeks at #1 between "How Deep is Your Love" and "Stayin Alive". The great trivia for this song and group is that the bass player Ron Moss(wearing a red outfit in the video) became more famous in the 1990s for playing Ridge on the CBS soap opera "the Bold and the Beautiful".

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lets talk music

Well lets see I was listening to UltimateOldiesradio.com on monday and this weeks top 40 Cashbox countdown was from Oct 5th 1968. Lets look at the TOP 11 songs 40 years ago:

11) Magic Bus - The Who
10) Girl Watcher - The O'Kaysions
9) On the Road Again - Canned Heat
8) Special Angel - The Vogues
7) Fool on the Hill - Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66
6) I've Got to Get a Message To You - Bee Gees
5) Midnight Confessions - The Association
4) Hush - Deep Purple
3) Fire - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
2) Harper Valley P.T.A. - Jeannie C. Riley
1) Hey Jude - The Beatles

Now that is a TOP 11! Just about everything in this one and at the top the #1 Beatles song in their incredible recording career, which is saying something when you think about all the songs they have recorded. Next week I week have the next Cashbox countdown. I am sure the Billboard was pretty much the same and Hey Jude ruled the airwaves that fall on any chart that you could find.
Now for an interesting look at Billboard history, at their website they are celebrating 50years of the Hot 100 singles chart. They have all kinds of charts and my favorite is the countdown of the Top 100 songs in chart history and they included when possible the video. Good stuff and I wont spoil it by telling you the #1 song...hint: its not Elvis or the Beatles (killed any guess you had didnt I).

New arrival at the Completeist Library

Well I had a productive week of book buying. I bought one off of ebay and another came from Book of the Month Club 2, formerly Zooba and another I found at the Atlanta Earth Festival's book sale.

The Beatles Anthology I purchased off of ebay for 10 plus S/H which wasnt even half of the new price I found everywhere else. Awesome book, weighs 7 lbs and is so full of stuff it will make your head spin.

The George Burns book I purchased for a dollar at the Atlanta New Earth festival and I will be reading it shortly. Looks like a very good follow up to his bestseller Gracie.

Then I got "Rome 1960" from my bookclub for 9.95 as my monthly selection. Read the excerpt in Sports Illustrated and it read wonderful.

A side note about the Atlanta Festival, I passed up a chance to purchase quite a few classic albums from a yard sale..these included "The Red Album" by the Beatles, "Moody Blue" by Elvis, several Three Dog Night disc and many others. I did buy at my daughter's recommendation the soundtrack to "HELP" by the Beatles. She has a shirt like that and wha the heck it is a pure classic LP. Oh and 4 classic KISS albums, oh well, live and learn. I will need the money for living if things keep going the way they are for much longer.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Latest things

Well Saturday mornings have become something for me recently. As you know I collect everything and one of the first things I started trying to complete back in the late 80s was to get every song that had topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart from 1955-1980. Well it expanded to included all the 1980s a couple of years ago as I got hooked on Itunes and digital downloading. You see I had all of the songs from 1955-1980 (with the exception of 2 songs in the 1960s) on album, 45s, cassettes and cds and they were on tapes I made in 1989. Well as the years went on I got more cds of 80s hits and then the digital era started and I wasnt on board until my 40th birthday when I recieved an IPod as a gift. WHOA NELLIE!! with that and itunes gift cards and then Amazon downloads with pepsi points I was on my way to completing the entire rock era of #1 singles from 1955-1989(inclusive). Once I get something that lets me record my albums and 45s to cd or certain songs I am missing become available on itunes I will have them all.
I told you that to tell you this, I have found out that Premiere Radio network is now syndicating on radio the original American Top 40 countdown shows as they aired from the 1970s and 80s. Most stations I have found on the internet play the 70s on Saturdays and the 1980s on Sundays ...some saturday nights for the 80s.
here is the best resource for those shows:
and then this station gives you the list of the each week for the 1970s countdown
or this one
and here is a site that gives you all the cue sheets from all the shows of the 70s and 80s in adobe. http://www.charismusicgroup.com/calendar.htm

and of course before 1970 there was no American Top 40, but this site is now on the radio in some markets but always on the next each week with a countdown from the 1950s or 1960s.
its pretty cool too.

Please enjoy my newest addiction...listening to these shows.