Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bonanza - Season 6 (Old Sheba)

Another episode from season 6 of Bonanza, 1964-65 season.   This was the first season that Bonanza was the #1 show in prime time television.

Episode 10
Old Sheba
originally aired November 22nd 1964 (NBC)

guest star William Demarest as "Tweedy" and Henry Kulky as "Bearcat"
Joe convinces Hoss to wrestle Bearcat at Tweedy's Circus. During the fight, Hoss manages to fractured some of Bearcat's ribs. So in recompense for the income Tweedy will lose, Hoss stays on Tweedy. After a month of fighting bouts, Joe and Hoss come to collect the money that Tweedy owes. Tweedy, however has lost all of his money gambling. The two Cartwright boys arrive home with Old Sheba, an elephant. Ben isn't happy and sets about trying to get rid of the elephant.

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