Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Jean Stapleton

Today is the 87th birthday of TV legend Jean Stapleton. Known to generations as Edith "The Dingbat" Bunker she had a long, successful and varied career on the stage,in movies and on television.
Ms Stapleton won 3 Emmys (1971,'72 and '78) and 2Golden Globes (1971 and '72 which she shared with Cher)for her role as Edith Bunker.

Here is probably one of the funniest episodes ever for Edith.
It's from January 8th 1972 called "Edith's Problem". She is going through "the change" and giving Archie fits which led to a boatload of laughs.

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Douglas Schimmel said...


Ohmigawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!

I love that episode, and it is one of Jean Stapleton's best. There are more laughs in that last five minute segment than in five years worth of the crapola (note Archie reference) that is on the telly now.