Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gunsmoke on Radio and Television (Robin Hood)

Gunsmoke on Radio

"Robin Hood"
Season 3 episode 18
aired January 8th 1955
Miss Kitty arrives in Dodge after a visit to Elsworth, with news that the stage she was traveling on had been robbed.  The modus operandi fits Teddy Blue Fish, a modern Robin Hood who robs from the rich, while sparing the women and the poor.    As in Kitty's case, the robber stole the strong box containing $500 and took all of banker Botkin's money, but left the other two passengers and Kitty alone.  He was a perfect gentleman and well disguised, wearing a flour sack over his head.  Matt is in a quandry since no one has been able to get enough evidence to get Fish, and being sort of a gentleman bandit, people feel obliged to protect him.

Gunsmoke on TV

"Robin Hood"
Season 1 episode 17
aired February 4th 1956
John Henry Jordan has 19 arrests to his credit, ranging from robbery to murder, but he consistently confounds the law by avoiding convictions.  The secret of his success is that he robs from the rich and not the poor.  Henry is no altruist, however, but rather a scheming criminal who buys the loyalty of potential witnesses in this manner.  Every time he goes to trial they give conflicting testimony to protect him.  Jordan enjoys his bounties in Dodge until Matt discovers a way to turn the tables against the so-called Robin Hood.

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