Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beef & Boards Theater

Once again we attended a play at Beef & Boards Theater in Indianapolis and it was tremendous. This time it was "The Foreigner" by Larry Shue.
It starred wonderful funnyman Jeff Stockberger as "the foreigner". The other cast memebers were just as good and at points even better. I laughed and really enjoyed this play that I had never heard of but I knew from previous plays like "Run For Your Wife" that this group knew how to do the farce and do it very well.
This was enjoyable for the whole family, I havent heard my girls laugh out like that except for "Family Guy" and "Seinfeld".
Here is a brief preview of the play with the Beef and Boards cast.

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Douglas Schimmel said...

I truly love live theater myself. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.