Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gunsmoke on the Radio

Season 1,
July 5th 1952 and the episode is "Never Pester Chester".
When I first heard this episode a few years ago it really set up the friendship between Marshall Matt Dillon and Chester Proudfoot...this was a serious show but this type of friendship was revisited on television in the Andy Griffith Show.  The friendship of Andy and Barney is done in  comedic style but this episode of Gunsmoke from the radio version really shows us how deep the feeling run for Marshall Dillon towards Chester and Andy feels just the same about his deputy.

A special bonus to this weeks podcast is the mention of this little ol blog.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to hear about something I put together just for me and my friends and has become such a popular place for the OTR fans and fans of Buck Benny.  I can't thank Buck enough for his emails and his patience to answer my questions  about OTR and Jack Benny especially.  Buck is a great guy and friend and I love to email with him and talk about Jack Benny, Gunsmoke, Phil Harris, Suspense, X Minus One, Great Gildersleeve, etc.,  He puts it all out there in a chronological order (which for me is the only way to listen!) so you have and idea of how these shows all sounded in context with each other and the year of broadcast.

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Darrel said...

Watched the episode it was really good! Still, the radio version was better in my opinion. I'm glad we have them both. Thanks Jim.

Your pal,

Buck Benny