Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Buck!

Today is the birthday of my friend and podcaster elite Buck Benny!  Lets all head over to his site, Buck Benny Podcast,, and follow his podcast and send a little donation his way to make it a great birthday.

Today I would like to highlight a new favorite of mine that Buck helped me get hooked on...Suspense!

I had been listening to Suspense since my friend Rick recommended it but I just wasn't all that into it, but then Buck started posted episodes and giving a little podcast for them now and again and lo and behold now I am addicted to them have been downloading and listening to them every day.   So thanks to Rick and Buck for getting me hooked on Suspense.

Here from the Ray Bradbury life celebration is the Suspense episode from November 25th 1948,
The Screaming Woman

 Here is the version from Ray Bradbury Theater aired February 22nd 1986 (Episode 5)

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